Water Street Bus Stop Removal

dpwtThe County’s Department of Public Works & Transportation made a decision to remove the Water Street bus stop, located across from the 7-11 convenience store. As of Monday, January 23, 2017, this bus stop will longer be active for boarding and drop offs for “The Bus” passengers. The Bus passengers can still access transit services on Judges Drive at the Courthouse Circle and on Elm Street near Governor Oden Bowie Drive. Yesterday, DPW&T posted public notices at the Water Street bus stop to provide their patrons with sufficient notification about the change. By Friday, January 20th, the bus shelter will be removed and the bus stop sign will be removed from the Water Street bus stop. In the meantime, DPW&T will continue to work with the SHA and the M—NCPPC on their pedestrian improvement projects on Water Street, including moving the Water Street crosswalk further down towards Judges Drive.4513266381_350396b420_o