Town Legislation at October Town Meeting

The Board of Commissioners passed three pieces of legislation at their Tuesday October 10th, 2017 Town Meeting.

Ordinance 2017-03 Commercial Property Standards: Authorizing the Town to enforce certain standards pertaining to the upkeep and maintenance of commercial properties within Town limits. To view the Ordinance Click Here: ORD_2017-03_Commercial Property Standards_Apprvd

Ordinance 2017-04 Street Construction and Utility Cuts: Regarding street construction and utility cuts requiring that a permit be obtained and certain fees paid prior to anyone excavating Town a roadway or performing work within a public right of way under the jurisdiction of the Town. Any work or restoration performed be subject to inspection by a Town Official. To view the Ordinance Click Here: ORD_2017-04_Street Construction and Cuts_Apprvd

Ordinance 2017-05 Washington Gas & Light Co. Franchise Agreement:  Town of Upper Marlboro granting a 20-year extension of a non-exclusive utility franchise to Washington Gas & Light Company.To view the Ordinance Click Here: ORD_2017-05_WGL Utility Franchise_Apprvd


Questions regarding these Ordinances can be directed to the Town Hall at 301-627-6905 or