Ordinance 2017-01: Building & Permitting Update

Ordinance 2017-01: Building & Permitting

After informal introduction to the residents at the February Town Meeting, gathering resident feedback/input, and having the official reading at the February Board Work Session, the Board plans to bring Ordinance 2017-01 up for  vote/approval at the March Town Meeting on Tuesday March 14, 2017 at 7:30pm. Below is a description of the Ordinance and a link for residents to read the Ordinance in its entirety.

“An Ordinance of the Town of Upper Marlboro to be entitled “Building & Permitting Ordinance” essentially authorizing the Town to enforce the county’s building codes as its own; thereby providing new sections of town law regarding the ordinance’s purpose and authority; the role of the department of code enforcement; the powers, duties, & functions of certain town officials; designating the county building code as the town’s building code; establishing certain roll off container permits; providing for certain penalties and liens for violations; providing a process to pursue a right of appeal; providing for the promulgation of rules & regulations; providing a severability provision and establishing certain fines, or charges permitted to be modified by resolution; and generally relating to the enforcement of building codes.”

Building & Permitting Ordinance 2017-01 DRAFT2 Online (Click to read)

If you have any questions or concerns contact Town Offices at Info@UpperMarlboroMD.gov or 301-63-27-6905.

Ordinance 2017-01 Schedule:

Introduction (informal)-                                  Tuesday February 14, 2017 (Town Meeting)

Resident Requested Input Due-                      Monday February 27, 2017 (by 12 pm)

Board Discussion/First Reading-                    Tuesday February 28, 2017 (Board Work Session)

Second Reading/Approval/Board Vote-         Tuesday March 14, 2017 (Town Meeting)