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Town Charter Forum

The Board of Town Commissioners is looking to update sections of the Town's Charter in the coming months. Mayor Tonga Turner and the Board of Town Commissioners invite all residents to attend a forum on the Town's Charter. The Town Attorney will be present to answer resident's questions and concerns on the charter. 

When: Thursday May 23rd, 2019 at 7pm
Where: Town Hall located at 14211 School Lane Upper Marlboro MD 20772

Charter Forum for the Town of Upper Marlboro

American incorporated cities and towns are legally corporations; therefore, they need charters, like a constitution, to serve as their principal governing document.  In Maryland, all municipalities have been granted Home Rule and exist to supply services and governance for the convenience and welfare of their residents and the public. 

Home rule means to exercise powers of self-governance and perform functions pertaining to its local affairs as authorized by the State.  A Charter establishes the structure, process, and mechanisms for an incorporated community to make decisions about solving problems and facing the future. 

The Town of Upper Marlboro through its Charter is governed by a Board of three (3) elected Commissioners.  The President of the Board also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Town’s Administration. 

There are basically three forms of municipal government structure (Commission, Mayor-Council and Council-Manager); however, most municipalities have a blended or hybridized form of government. These forms derive from the relationship between the executive and legislative functions. 

The best form of government is the one best designed to meet the needs of your unique municipal corporation. Those needs can change with the complexity of operations and with the presence or absence of certain appointed and elected officials.   The Town would like to facilitate a discussion with its citizens and constituents regarding the Town Charter and the structure of Town Government so that it can better prepare for the future. 

 To read the current Town Charter CLICK HERE