Real Property Tax Rate, Credits and Exemptions

The Town’s real property tax rate is $0.24 per $100.00 of assessed value. Value is assessed by the State/County once every three years, with the next assessment scheduled for January 2010. For example, if your property has been assessed at $150,000.00, the annual taxes you would pay to the Town are $360.00. Since 1992 the Town’s Homestead Credit has been set at 100%. This means that if the State assessed value of your owner occupied residence increases, the assessed value for Town Real Estate tax  purposes will not increase unless you have made improvements to your residence.

Town taxes are shown separately on your Prince George’s County Tax bill. The county bills property owners in July of each year and turns over the Town’s share to the Town. You can check online if your real property tax has been paid by visiting their Web site.

The County also has a general information page for other questions about real property taxes. Or visit the Comptroller of Maryland’s Web site to learn about property tax rates and various exemptions and tax credits, such as Homestead, Homeowners’, Renters’, and Historic Tax Credits.

Business, Personal, and Utility Tax Rates

The Town’s business personal and utility property tax rates are $0.45 per $100.00 of assessed value each. The assessed value is determined by the State Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT). The Town bills businesses based on the SDAT information and businesses pay directly to the Town. For more information about business personal property, visit the SDAT Web site.

Income Taxes

In general, income taxes are determined by the Federal Government and the State of Maryland. The Town receives a percentage of residents’ income taxes depending how much the County tax rate is (if the Country tax rate decreases, the Town’s share decreases proportionately). This is paid directly to the Internal Revenue Service or Comptroller of Maryland.