Fiber-Optic Cable Installation in Town

You may have noticed utility works working along Rt. 4, Old Crain Highway, School Lane and Church Street over the past week. These utility workers are installing underground fiber-optic cables to connect the County Administration Building, Courthouse, Board of Education Building, and the Town Hall to the County’s  Intergovernmental Network or I-Net system.


“The Prince George’s County Intergovernmental Network (referred to as I-Net) is a secure, reliable and scalable fiber optic network connecting anchor institutions as partners in building successful communities and local economies. The I-Net provides a common framework for government, education and public safety to leverage shared resources for information and data sharing and regional interoperability. The goal is to expand participation through collaboration ensuring long term sustainability.”

For more information on the County’s I-Net Program visit:

Once cable installation is complete, the Town will join the dozens of other Prince George’s County municipalities already connected as well as access to multiple State and County databases and systems via secure high speed internet service provided by the County’s Comcast Cable Franchise Agreement.