Cell Antenna Installation Application

Mobilitie has approached the Town with a request to install two cell phone antennas within Town limits to improve cell phone coverage. These antennas will be installed on existing utility/power poles. Residents are asked to provide comments/feedback to the Board of Commissioners/Town Hall PRIOR to the December 12, 2017 Town Meeting. The company will be mailing out notices to properties near the proposed sites. The Board will vote to approve/deny the Utility Work Permit at the December Town Meeting. Questions regarding the poles can be directed to Laura O’Dell, Permitting manager for Mobilitie at lodell@mobilitie.com or media@mobilitie.com

Rectory Lane & Wilson Lane: Will be installed on an existing Pepco power/telephone pole.

Water Street & Judges Drive: Will be installed on an existing Pepco power/telephone pole.

Rectory Ln Sprint Antenna Plans 11-15.17

Water St Sprint Antenna Plans 11-15-17


Image result for cell phone antennas on telephone poles

An example of a possible design of the cell antenna installed on existing utility pole.

Questions/Concerns? Contact Town Hall at Info@UpperMarlboroMD.gov or 301-627-6905