—Date & Time change this month!

The Board of Town Commissioners will hold a Public Hearing immediately proceeding its April 2018 Regular Town Meeting on Tuesday, April 24, 2018 starting at 7:00 p.m. at the Town Hall – 14211 School Lane, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772.

The evening will start at 7:00 p.m. with a Public Hearing concerning the recently passed Ordinance 2018-02: Automated Traffic Enforcement, and the current Resolution 2018-03: To implement and use a speed monitoring system, and establish a “School Zone” within the corporate boundaries of the Town.  Following the Public Hearing, and a short recess, the Board will reconvene to conduct the Regular April Town Meeting.

The draft Resolution and the meeting agenda will be posted on this website and Town’s social media outlets soon.

The meeting is open to the public, and time is allotted for public comment.

Please contact Town Hall with any questions or concerns Info@UpperMarlboroMD.gov or call: 301-627-6905.

Meeting Agenda: TM-agenda_042418

Final Draft Resolution: 2018-03_RES_Establishing a School Zone Along Old Crain Hwy_unApprvd



Come out this Saturday April 21st, 2018 from 8am-1pm for the PG County Department of the Environment‘s annual Mulch Madness Event to get your FREE Mulch! The mulch for this event is derived from the Christmas trees that are collected or dropped off for recycling. The Mulch Madness Giveaway is held in conjunction with Earth Day, and is just one of the many departmental programs.

Location: Yard Waste Composting Facility
6601 SE Crain Highway
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

Phone: 301-627-6388


The Board of Commissioners for the Town of Upper Marlboro have rescheduled their next Regular Work Session one day earlier to Monday, April 23, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at the TOWN HALL: 14211 School Lane Upper Marlboro MD 20772

The meeting is open to public observation, but public participation is at the discretion of the Board.

Agenda: RWS-agenda_042318_tent

NOTE: Going forward, the “Regular Monthly” Board Work Sessions will be held at 7:00 p.m. on the 4th Tuesday of each month.

WSSC is planning on closing Ritchie Marlboro Road for night work (in accordance with a permit from Prince George’s County) beginning approximately Tuesday, April 17th 2018. These closures will be from 8pm to 5am on an intermittent basis for about the next three to six months. For specific details regarding this project, please contact Contract Manager Mike Dobbs at michael.dobbs@wsscwater.com or the County Department of Public Works & Transportation (DPW&T) at 301-883-5600.


ORD_2018-02_Automated Traffic Enforcement_Apprvd


On March 27, 2018 the Board of Commissioners for The Town of Upper Marlboro approved Ordinance 2018-02: Automated Traffic Enforcement, for the purpose of establishing the “SAFETY FOR STUDENTS PROGRAM” and a “RED LIGHT ENFORCEMENT PROGRAM;” by adopting provisions governing speed monitoring systems, in order to authorize the implementation of such systems in designated school zones to detect speed limit violations using vehicle sensors…by defining school zones; by requiring the calibration and self-testing of systems, and the use and placement of systems in school zones; and by further requiring the Board President to designate an employee or official to review speed monitoring system citations and address questions or concerns from the public, and designate a program administrator to oversee the contract with a speed monitoring system contractor;…and generally relating to the regulation and control of vehicles and traffic and the use of technology to regulate traffic and improve public safety in the Town. The ordinance becomes effective April 17, 2018. Copies are available at Town Hall, 14211 School Lane, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 and online at www.UpperMarlboroMD.gov.

—Town of Upper Marlboro; By: M. David Williams, Town Clerk

ORD-2018-01_FY18 Budget Amendment_Apprvd


On March 27, 2018 the Board of Commissioners for The Town of Upper Marlboro approved Ordinance 2018-01: FY2018 Budget Amendment, to amend Ordinance 2017-02, by moving $300,000 from unrestricted funds to cover a local income tax revenue shortfall resulting from the Maryland State Comptroller’s mid-budget-year reassessment and redistribution. Total Revenues and Expenditures for the FY18 Town Budget remain the same at $2,791,294, and amendments are limited to: 1.) Decreased total of Tax Revenue from $649,392 to $349,392; and, 2.) Increase in Unrestricted Fund Revenues from $1,793,973 to $2,093,973. All other Revenue and Expenditure line items and tax rates within the original FY2018 Town Budget Ordinance 2017-02 remain the same as previously published.  The ordinance becomes effective April 17, 2018. Copies are available at Town Hall, 14211 School Lane, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 and online at www.UpperMarlboroMD.gov.

—Town of Upper Marlboro; By: M. David Williams, Town Clerk

Your Hometown News . . .

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TOUM_March 2018_web






We hope you were not too inconvenienced by the late arrival of the newly redesigned Landings newsletter.
Now that we have the kinks ironed-out, we anticipate delivery of the next issue closer to the beginning of the month.

The Landings is now a BI-MONTHLY publication . . .
so, you can expect the next issue to come out in early MAY 2018, then JULY 2018, SEPTEMBER . .. and so on.

Full-color printed copies are now being mailed to Town residents and select mail routes in the immediate area,
but the Landings will continue being posted online at our website (with continued MailChimp notification to subscribers when it is posted.)

The Town of Upper Marlboro will be hosting 3 evening forums for 5 different County offices.  These forums are intended to provide voters from the Upper Marlboro area and County with an opportunity to engage directly with candidates on issues of importance to them in this election. The event is free and open to the public. Participating candidates will be asked to answer questions from the public during this moderated event. These Forums will also be broadcasted LIVE on the Town’s Cable Access Verizon Channel 19 and online on the Town Facebook Page and website.

Location: All Forums will be held at the Upper Marlboro Town Hall located at 14211 School Lane Upper Marlboro MD 20772. Public Parking is available at the Board of Education Administration Building Parking lot.

Friday May 4th, 2018
6:30pm- Doors Open
7pm-7:45pm Sheriff’s Office Candidate Forum
7:45pm-8:00pm Break
8pm- 8:45pm State’s Attorney Candidate Forum
9:00pm- Close

Friday May 11th, 2018
6:30pm- Doors Open
7pm-8 pm County Council District 9 Candidate Forum
8pm-81:5pm Break
8pm- 8:45pm Clerk of the Circuit Court Candidate Forum
9pm- Close

Saturday May 12th, 2018
5:30pm- Doors Open
6pm-7pm County Executive Forum Part 1
7pm-7:15pm Break
7:15pm-7:45pm County Executive Forum Part 2
8pm- Close

Questions? Email Info@UpperMarlboroMD.gov

The Following Candidates have been Invited

Candidates for the Office of County Sheriff: 

Anthony Ayers
Dave Grogan
Melvin C. High
Sylvester E. Sr. Jones
Percy Reeder Sr.
Kendal Wade

Candidates for the Office of State’s Attorney:

Aisha Braveboy
D. Michael Lyles
Victor Ramirez

Candidates for the Office of County Council District 9: 

Orlando D. Barnes
Tanya J. Brooks
Tamara Davis Brown
Kevin M. Harris
Sydney Harrison
Daren L. Hester
Jeffrey Jraz Rascoe
Rodney C. Taylor

Candidates for the Office of Clerk of the Circuit Court: 

Mahasin El Amin
Adrion Jackson Howell
Adrian Orlando Mason
Gloria McClam-Magruder
Bonita Maria Rabalais
Denise Roberts

Candidates for the Office of County Executive: 

Jerry J. Mathis
Angela Alsobrooks
Sam Bogley
Billy Bridges
Donna F.Edwards
Lewis S. Johnson
Michael E. Kennedy
Paul Monteiro
C. Anthony Muse
Tommie Thompson

The Board of Commissioners will hold an Extra Board Work Session on Monday, April 2, 2018 at 9:30 a.m.  at the TOWN HALL 14211 School Lane Upper Marlboro MD 20772.

The meeting is open to public observation only, and public participation is at the discretion of the Board.

Agenda: XWS-agenda_040218

Over the past several weeks, residents may have noticed the Upper Marlboro Police Department has stepped up its presence along Town Roadways known to have the highest speed/traffic violations. Officers have also been standing by at scheduled school bus pick-up and drop off locations within Town to ensure drivers obey the School Bus Stop lights and that students safely get on/off the bus. The Upper Marlboro Police would like to remind drivers that the max Speed Limit within Town is 25MPH, with several roadways with 15MPH limits.