Email to Town Hall by WSSC on June 18, 2013 at 11:33 a.m.: at 14108 Rectory Ln. Main has been shut down for repair. Service loss possible up to 6 hrs. Traffic delays possible.


The Board of Commissioners for the Town of Upper Marlboro approved a budget ordinance “2013-01_ORD_Town-Operating-Budget_FY2014_web” on June 4, 2013. Total Revenues for the FY14 budget are $919,436 and includes the transfer(s) of $173,036 from Unrestricted Funds and $1,600 from Designated Funds. Total expenditures are: General Government, $382,880; Public Safety, $250,927; and Public Works, $285,629. The tax levy for FY2014 remains unchanged and is set at $0.24 per $100 of assessed valuation of all real estate, and at $0.45 of assessed valuation for personal property, and Utility, subject to taxation by the Town of Upper Marlboro for general fund purposes, including debt service purposes. This ordinance becomes effective on June 24, 2013. A copy of the ordinance is available at Town Hall, 14211 School Lane, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772.
—Town of Upper Marlboro; By: M. David Williams, Town Clerk

Invitation to Bid to The Town of Upper Marlboro—TOUM_Request_for_Bids_2013-01__Asphalt_paving[1]
Proposed Contract—TOUM Request for Bids 2013-01_ proposed contract
Marlborough Towne MAP—Overhead Marlborough Towne Map_2
Marlborough Towne “Lettered Parking Areas Marlborough Plat”—TOUM Request for Bids 2013-01_ Lettered Parking Areas Marlborough Plat
Marlborough Towne “Unit & Parking Space Locations”—TOUM Request for Bids 2013-01_ Unit & Parking Space Locations
Marlborough Towne Plans PG 1—Marlborough Towne Plans page 1
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